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Mar. 28th, 2008

 Title: The Life We Didn't Want But Got Anyway
Author: LanaCullen414
Summary: Aurora, told to move to La Push by her mother, reluctantly goes. She finds herself face to face with Jacob. She doesn't know what he is nor what she might be, but falls in love. She didn't want this life but she got it anyway. In Jacob's and Aurora's POV. I really hate Jacob sues.
Sue's Name: Aurora Jensen
Race: Human, but I'm going to go ahead and guess that that status will change pretty soon...
Appearance: You could tell I was Native American. I had long brown hair and my skin tone was somewhat darker then the white of my friends. It was as if I had a permanent tan. It was kind of cool actually. My eyes were different from that of normal Indians. They were a shocking green not the dark brown or honey color they should have been. I liked it, but my mother found it odd. When she pointed it out to me I told her to look at my father. He was a white man with blonde hair and bright green eyes. But somehow I looked nothing like my father and looked like my mother. I really, really hate Jacob sues.
Past: Her mom made her move to La Push when she was sixteen, how curious....
Possessions: A Cherry Red 2007 Audi TT 3.2 coupe
Super-Sparkly-Poo powerz: Besides having Jacob's balls in a jar?
Connections to Cannon: Her mom is some long-lost relative of Billy's so now she's going to live with Jacob! Hurrah!

Notes: Bleh, I'll say something funny later. Now is the time for sleep.

Jacob's POV

We pulled into the drive way and I saw Bella leaning against her truck. She looked happy. I knew Charlie was in the house with dad. Aurora cut the engine. She tossed me the keys. “I'll let you talk to Bella. I'll go start my homework. And for the record I wanted to go to Seattle to shop. So your stuck dude.” I smiled as she hopped out of the car, a smile on her beautiful face, her green eyes were sparkling. “Hey Bella.” She waved and looked back to to me. Her face looked a little sad. I guess she still thought that I liked Bella. “And remember to lock the car Jake.” I watched as she dashed off towards the house, her books in her arms. I watched her hair shimmer in the sunlight, it hung down to her hips. I sighed and got out of the car, locking it like behind me. NOO! Not Jacob!

“Hey Jake. Whats up?” Bella asked walking towards me. Her eyes were sparkling also.

“Nothing much. Just got home from school but thats it.” I smiled at her. “How 'bout you?” I asked leaning against Aurora's car. Bella, as always, looked over it. She was amazed at how beautiful the Audi was. So now the car's beautiful too? I knew that she was used to seeing expensive cars, so I didn't know why she was shocked to see this car here. Because you don't own an Audi...

“Oh nothing. I'm leaving soon Jake and I wanted to spend some time over here while the sun was out.” She walked back to her truck and hopped up on to the bed of it so she could sit. She swung her feet back and forth. I hopped up and sat next to her.

“The leech...sorry...Edward still doesn't like you over here does he?” I asked having to correct myself when she gave me a dirty look. I had gotten over the fact that my best friend was going to be changed into my mortal enemy. Maybe with her things would be different. The pack didn't like the idea much of them changing a human but they got over it when they realized that I was over it. What about that whole breaking the treaty thing...What happened to that?

“No he's fine it's just I don't like leaving Alice in the dark. It bugs her to no end.” She laughed. Why?

“I'm still amazed that she can't see the wolves.” I doubt that Jacob would be amazed by that. I shook my head. “So is there anything you wanted to do?” I asked.

She sat there for a few minutes, not saying a thing. I wondered what she was doing. After ten minutes she spoke. “So you seem happy with Aurora.” She prompted.

“Yeah she's great.” I laughed and she finally smiled, glad I was happy. “I think I imprinted.” I said with a smile. It was true. It burnssss usss......precioussss where have you gone?

“Really I couldn't tell.” She laughed loudly. “The way you looked at her as she got out of the car gave it all away.” Why isn't Bella bitter? She's in love with Jacob too.

I couldn't help but laugh with her. I knew that I was imprinted on Aurora and I didn't know how to tell her if she didn't become one of us. I smiled and turned towards her bedroom window. She was looking down at us. She was frowning. I smiled and waved to her and her face lite up. She waved back and motioned for us to come on up. I nodded and turned back to Bella. “Want to go inside?” I asked.

“Sure, is Aurora going to be ok with me coming in?” She asked as I lead her inside and up to Aurora's room.

“She was the one who motioned for us to come up. So I think she will be fine.” I got to her door and she swung it open before I could knock. Why would he knock...at his own house?!

“Come in.” She moved to the side and let us in.

“Thanks.” Bella said and went to sit on the bed.

“Hey Aurora, you don't mind if I go down and talk to my dad for a minute?” I asked backing out of the room. Bella and Aurora needed to talk and I needed to be gone for that conversation.

“Sure fine by me.” She said and Bella smiled, nervousness in her eyes.

“Ok then. Bye be back in a minute.” I dashed out of the room closing the door as I did. They needed this moment alone. WTF? I thought that when a wolf imprinted they didn't like to leave their imprint at all.

Aurora's POV

Jake left the room almost to fast. I wondered what was going on. I looked over to Bella, who looked almost scared. “So you want to talk?” I asked hoping to break the ice.

“Sure.” She said and her eyes brightened. “I wanted to tell you first off I and not nor will I ever date Jake. I wanted to get that our of the way. Bella, where did your grammar go? I am engaged to a wonderful guy and Jake can't expect that. Huh? What? He can't expect that? Are you trying to surprise him with the engagement? He doesn't like Edward that much. Oh really? He believes that Edward is going to leave me again and hurt me.” I looked at her perplexed.

“Sorry let me explain more. About six or seven months ago Edward left me for what he would call my own good. Little did he know that that would almost kill me. Let me get this out of the way now, I am madly in love with Edward. I was catatonic as the doctor said. She didn't see a fucking doctor and she wasn't catatonic. I didn't to anything but go to school and come home. I didn't go out and barely ate. Then I bought these motorcycles and they needed to be fixed up and I thought of Jake. And every time I came over I seemed to get happier. After a few weeks some stuff happened and Edward came back. Jake thought I was in love with him just as I was with Edward and I told him I loved him but in a different way then Edward. He didn't accept it and well my dad thinks I should be with Jake not Edward. But I guess Jake is over it and my father hasn't mentioned anything since the day you got here. Why the fuck would she tell that to someone she barely knew?” I knew there was something missing in her story but I didn't push it.

“Why did you want to tell me this?” I asked shifting on the bed.

“Well I see that when ever I come around you get sad and I wanted to let you know that if you like Jake I'm not standing in the way.” I heard her say it as the blood rushed to my cheeks. BUT BELLA LOVES JACOB!

“I don't like Jake.” I tried to sound convincing.

“Whatever you say Aurora.” Bella said with a laugh. “So what do you have planned for the weekend?” Yeah, that's totally like Bella, random subject change...

“Well I'm working on half my English paper and I finished my math. Sunday I'm going with Jake to Seattle for some shopping. Not that I need any more clothing.” I laughed.

“My soon-to-be sister in law loves to shop. And is constantly dragging me to every mall in the state.” Bella laughed. “I love shopping with her. Never tell her that though.” I thought Bella hated shopping with Alice.

“Never! I swear to God if I ever meet her, your secret is safe with me. Isn't that a little severe for a 'secret' like that?” I laughed and she giggled. The door swung open and Jake came in with a smile. I didn't want to know what what he was thinking. Ew....

“So anyone up to going to the beach?” He asked and tossed me my black bikini. I snatched it from his hand. Ewwww.....

“How the hell did you get your paws on this?” I asked with a laugh.

“I don't have suit.” Bella said with a smile.

“Come on I have one I think will fit you.” I drug her to the far corner of my room. You know, I'd worry more about how Jacob had gotten my bathing suit, rather than getting Bella a suit. I walked back to the door and stopped in the door way and looked up to Jake who was right in front of me. If I stepped any closer I would be hugging him. “You, mister, are going to get it for going through my stuff.” I slammed the door on his smiling face.

I walked to my dresser as Bella fell over laughing. “His face was priceless.” Bella! What did they do to you?

“I know.” I giggled and went through one of my drawers and fished out the second bikini that I had. This one was pink and one no one would ever see on me. It wasn't girly pink, it was more hot pink, but it was pink none the less and I didn't wear pink anymore.

I tossed it to her. “Nice.” Bella said with a smile as she held it up. It was small but my black one was was smaller. Bella laughed. It was still May but it was warmer then it had been when I first came to La Push. It should be...

I laughed as I shimmed out of my pants and slipped the bottom on. It was a string bikini the sides of the bottom were tied in nice knots. I put on the top after I took of my shirt and bra. Bella was changing into her suit as well. The top that I put on had a white skull on the left side and I laughed. I hadn't seen this suit since I packed it. I hope you drown.

“Nice suit Aurora.” Bella turned to me and I could say the same about the one I had let her wear. Hers covered her more but it was still a little small in the chest. But it looked nice on her pale skin. Sentence fucking fragment!

“Right back at you Bella. You can keep it if you want to.” I offered.

“Edward is going to love it. What?” She grinned and I walked to the door. I opened it and found Jacob sitting on the floor. I swore his eyes popped put of his head as he saw me standing in the suit. I gasped and remembered that it would be a good idea to get a tank top and a pair of cut off jeans. Jacob is not a pervert.

I tossed Bella a pair and pulled out a hot pink tank top out and tossed it to her. “Thanks.” She smiled.

“Your welcome Bella.” I pulled the jeans over my hips and watch Jake's face. Again it looked like his eyes were going to pop out of his head. Not a fucking pervert

“Hey Jake quite staring it's not nice.” Bella shouted as she tugged the small tank top over her head. I'm not saying that she is bigger then I am, just that the tank top was to small. It was too small for me too. Note that the sue feels compelled to point out that her breasts are bigger than Bella's.

“I wasn't staring.” Jake snapped. ORLY?

“Sorry touched a nerve did I?” Bella asked with a laugh. YARLY!

“Bite me.” Jake said standing up. He made his way downstairs and I heard the front door slam. But the Black's house is only one-storey...

“Ok I pissed him off.” Bella said grabbing her shoes that were at my door.

“He'll be fine. I pissed him off last weekend. He'll get over it.” I slipped on my sandles and grabbed my keys and wallet. We headed downstairs and walked to the kitchen.

“Billy we're going to the beach.” I said grabbing three bottles of water out of the fridge.

“Well tell Jacob he's fixing that door as soon as he gets back. What did you do to make him that mad?” Billy asked and I looked to the door. It was certainly broke.

“I told him to stop staring at Aurora.” Bella said walking the her father. “It is alright that I go with them right?” She asked her father.

“Yeah. I'm going to need to get home soon.” Charlie laughed.

“I'll get you home and fed don't you worry. Then I have a date with Edward.” I watched as Charlie stiffened when Bella said Edward.

“Well we better be off. Don't want Jake madder then he already is.” I said walking out the door, Bella following closely behind. I found Jacob sitting on the ground next to my car.

“Aurora, I'm going in my car.” Bella said heading towards her truck.

“Sure.” I unlocked the drivers side and got in. I leaned over to the passengers side door and popped the lock. Jacob climbed in.

“Sorry I was staring.” He said looking at the floor.

“Don't be. I wasn't complaining about it. Because you're obviously not Jacob, you wierdo pervert.” I said gunning the engine and zipping out of the drive. We drove down to First Beach and I parked. I got out of the car and slammed the door. The sun was still shinning and I grinned. Bella pulled in moments later and hopped out. We walked down the beach and I slipped of my shorts and tank top. I laid out one of the blankets that I had stashed in the car just in case I decided I wanted to go to the beach one day. I smiled as I laid out the blanket. Bella had one of hers balled up under her arm and laid it out next to mine. Jake just laid on the sand.

I sighed as I laid out. The sun beat on my skin and I was greatful for days like this. It wasn't often that there was sun here in the Olympic Peninsula. How would you know?

“It's nice today isn't it?” Bella asked.

“Yeah it is.” Both Jake and I answered at the same time.

Time passed, and it the sun was beginning to set before I knew it. Bella shot up and grabbed the blanket. “Sorry I have to get going. I have a date and have to get my dad home. Screw making dinner he can order a pizza tonight. Bye you two see you later.” She dashed off as we waved. Because that's totally something Bella would say!

Once we were alone Jake rolled over and looked at me. “So how are you liking La Push?”

“It's ok. I miss LA though but what can I say. You can take the girl out of the city but not the city out of the girl.” I laughed. I hate you so much it hurts.

“Yeah but you seem to fit in here on the reservation.” Jake said leaning back again looking at the setting sun. Of course she does.

“Yeah I do. I didn't think I would. I mean a Callie girl moving to a small town. Thats got to seem odd to you guys.” I said.

“Yeah it is odd. But you don't look like a so called 'Callie girl'. You look like a beautiful Indian girl. As everyone at school says.” He laughed and I smacked his chest. The sentence fragments...they hurt!

“I never said I disagreed with them.” Jake laughed. Of course not.


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