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Title: For a pessimist, I’m pretty optimistic Then you’re not a pessimist, dear.
Author: AnimeFan04 I will not say ANYHTING.
Summary: What if. . .
Isabella Swan had stayed with her Mother? There would be no Twilight
Would she have missed out on her chance at true love? No, because there would be no Twilight.
With Edward Cullen? FRAGMENT. Plus, there would be no Edward.
But what if. . .
What if someone else had come along. Please no.
Like dear Bella, but different in her own way too. SUE ALERT.
Would Edward, too, find her irresistible? Please, please no.
Well. This is her story. I hate you.
And it all starts off with the newcomer Bennet Underwood. Author attempts suspense! It fails miserably!
Sue’s Name: Bennet Underwood Any connection to CARRIE Underwood maybe?

Unknown yet, may be an EVIL CLONE!

Read on, the description is longer than the first chapter.

Red Beetle (The car people, the CAR), basic toiletries, a Pokemon bag (Jigglypuff I believe).

In the larger than WHOAH description. See below.

Copyright infringement, being able to relive Bella’s life.

Connections to Cannon:
Stole Bella’s identity (Herby to be known as the “Kayleen effect”), supper ho-ness, basic Sue-powers, steals most of the dialogue in secoond chapter from Twilight...
Personal Notes: I only did the description and will be doing the entire fic in my Journal. I have nothing witty to say its 11:01 PM. Also, the description was in that really annoying Role Playing font/HTML/list so I removed it for your safety.
+. Bennet Underwood See above.
+. Most usually call her by her name, Bennet, or Bennie. Does she know that a Bennie is an upper, a kind of drug similar to a Heart? Does she honestly know that?  Because I don't think she does. I shall call her Trippy now.
. 16 Candles
+. June 13
+. Virginia Beach, VA. Although, she was born in Forks, WA. NO WAI! She lives with her Dad, whose hometown is in Virginia, while her Mom lives across the country all the way in Washington. The Author attempts to dispel Sue-ness! The Author fails!
+. Not very tall, Bennet Trippy stands at around 5'4', barely making it. She has long slender legs, with matching slender arms and frame. Most would label her as petit, which describes her perfectly. Now she’s part Alice!Sue? Most would think that with her long legs and arms, she'd be athletic, but she's not. She has barely any hand eye coordination, and can be very clumsy. BELLA SUE ALLERT!!!
+. Words cannot describe Bennet's Trippy's hair. She's dyed it many times, wanting to experiment with different shades, until she found the one that she likes. No one can even really remember her natural color, but her. It's a deep chocolate brown. WOW! NO WAI! Now, it's still the deep brown, but has highlights of black, blonde, and gold. Actually, the gold was blue, but it faded to the current golden shade. I find that hard to believe. If you look really hard, you can even spot some of the blue. Bennet Trippy can't stand short hair, so she keeps it long and thick. ANTI-ALICE! –throws tomatoes- It's naturally wavy, but she always dries and straightens it, and usually either keeps it thrown over a shoulder, or tossed up in a messy pony-tail.
+. Her eyes are the one thing that she likes best about herself. Actually, she doesn't even really like them that much. Oh god, bad angst! It's just because their an I believe you mean THEY’RE AN unusual shade of bright blue with bright green speckles. Their THEY’RE always bright, and normally their THEY’RE the first thing that people tend to look at when they first notice her. Her eyes easily display what she's thinking, ratting her out most of the time. Totally NOT like Bella. She can't hide what her eyes express. She doesn't have perfect vision, far from it. She has to wear glasses or contacts, and chooses contacts over glasses.
Generally a laid back person, Bennet  Trippy doesn't like to go over the top with her clothes. She's normally just happy with a shirt and a pair of jeans. Of course she is! Its part of the whole failed “Make the Sue likeable” scheme. But, all of her tops are very colorful, and have sayings or bands on them. Oh no… Heh, she even has a few Pokemon shirts in her closet too. Dear gods no… She loves bright colors, and loves to wear them all the time. But, her weakness is shoes. She can never have enough and she is hardly caught wearing the same pair for an extended amount of time. Alice!Sue. Many would say she has a pretty punk rock style, but she pulls it off with ease, leaving a few people jealous. OMG I would have never guessed.
+. Music please no.
+. Reading Please, oh please, no.
+. Sweets (Except plain chocolate, she hates it) Betch
+. Expressing her individuality (And she's not afraid to either) Please, oh please, with sugar on top, no.
+. To smile and laugh while having a good time. Sue.
+. Cooking SUE
-. Hospitals (Even though she lands herself there often) SUE!!!!!!
-. Dentist Offices (They smell weird) WTF
-. Blood (It makes her feel faint and dizzy) SUE!!! SUE!!!
-. Bugs (Any and every kind imaginable) …Whatever
-. Being Alone (It's always made her feel insecure) Again, whatever
-. P.E. or Anything Sports Related SUE, SUE, and SUE!!!
+.Michael Underwood. Charlie Bennet Trippy really loves her Dad, and always will. She's closest to him, and chose to live with him rather than with her own Mom. She feels like she can come to her Father for anything, and he won't judge or criticize her. She's lived with him for most of her life, since her parent's divorced when she was seven, and gets most of her qualities from him. He can be very sensible, to an extent. He's responsible, and takes good care of Bennet, but she does all the cooking. Sue He's horrible at it. The only thing that he can cook is waffles. And they get boring after awhile. He's never remarried, although he has had a few girlfriends. Sue PARENTS? His parent's had money, so it was never anything to hold him back, and with his new job, a doctor, money still rolls in. Oh joy of joys.
+.Miranda Frost. Renee After she graduated from High School, and was in her first year in college, she met Michael. She fell for him right there, and he did too. Sue Not long after, they married. Michael was about three years older than her, but neither of them cared. SUE A few years later, Bennet Trippy was born. Miranda was a very... carefree person. Yep, Sue PARENTS. She wasn't one to think about what she did, mostly acting on impulse. She can be a bit ditzy and clumsy, which is where Bennet Trippy gets that from, but she can be very loving and nice at the same time. I present to you: The first RENEE SUE! For some reason, Bennet Trippy doesn't feel as close to her as she does with her Dad. Not to mention, after the divorce, Miranda moved back to her hometown of Forks, WA, and wanted Bennet Trippy to come with her. Refusing, Bennet Trippy stayed home in Virginia, but visits during the summer and on some holidays. Miranda doesn't really have a career, per say, but she's the local artist. She paints murals for places in town. She gets paid enough, and she doesn't have to worry about it.
+.Even at a young age, Bennet Trippy could tell that her parent's had some troubles. Bad attempt at angst But, she always thought that they'd get over it. That never happened. Although, that never stopped her parent's from teaching her what they knew, or giving her opportunities that they never had. Basically, the only good things she got from her childhood was were that she learned how to play the flute and the piano NO WAI!. Very well too. ZOMG! She wanted to impress her parents to try and make them happy so they'd stay together, but it just didn't work out. So sad…ok I’m over it.
+. Bennet's Trippy's pretty content with her life, although she's bored out of her mind by it. She wants something exciting to happen, some once in a lifetime opportunity to happen to her for once. Not in some fairy tale book that she would read or anything. Because that’s totally not what’s going to happen... Really!!
+. When Bennet's Trippy's nervous, she tends to bite her lip. Sue
+. She tends to lose her temper easily, but it passes quickly. Basically, she's one to forgive and forget. SUE
+. When bored out of her mind, she'll drum on a table or any surface with her fingernails, which tends to get annoying to many people. And we need to know this WHY???
+. When thinking, Bennet Trippy can block many things out of her mind, and nobody can really get through to her. Like she builds walls around herself to protect her when she's thinking. Don’t care.
+. She can get very defensive if she's accused of something, whether she's done it or not. But, Bennet's Trippy's a terrible liar Sue, so you'd know straight away.  
+. When someone gets to know Bennet Trippy, they'll find out that she's quite a talker. She doesn't really say any memorable phrases, but she speaks the truth, rather its harsh or not. Great. She'll speak what's on her mind, and won't sugarcoat over anything really. She never actually thinks before she opens her mouth to speak, which is something she needs to learn. However, she does like to use a lot of sounds while she talks, like sound effects. It just adds to her weirdness, which she loves with all of her heart. Right. I want to kill you…. So, so bad… With anything. DEATH BY ALARM CLOCK!!!


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