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Title: Halflings? I honestly wonder if the author knows that Halflings are another term for Hobbits. In fact, that's what I thought it was about at first.
Mira Rose Black Hmm, I wonder if her user name has anything to do with her Sue's name...
The Cullens are surprised when the new girl at school appears to have some special abilities. Some resemble those of the vampires themselves, but this girl is definately human. What in the world could be going on? EdwardxOc JasperxOc CH12 UPDATED! R&R
How fascinating...where is Bella in all of this?
Sue's Name: Mira What a surprise! It's just so original.
Race: BellaReplacement!Sue and a Half Vampire!sue
Appearance:  Mira's saphire blue eyes snapped open when she felt the cool breeze from her open window greet her as a good morning.... For some reason Mira always attracted stares and once in awhile wondered if it was because of her choice in clothing or her odd skin color. It was a mix between tan and pale, creating a silky, cream color.... Mira sighed as she looked into the mirror and gently raked a brush through her hair. SHIIIIIIIIIITTTT FUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKK
Past: The Sue-thor doesn't really explain much about the Sue's past, except that her mom was a scientist that Carlisle fell in love with.
Possessions: A blood red Harley.
Powerz: Well, she's half vampire. She has the ability to rape Edward's character and turn his eyes blue... Oh yeah, and she has fucking telekinesis.
Connections to Cannon:

Let's see, she's replaced Bella, raped Edward's character, lives in Forks, and umm SHE'S CARLISLE'S DAUGHTER (but not Esme's). Oh the eye bleeding hilarity.

Personal Notes: I don't know what to say about this one.


Chapter One: I warned you to be careful See this part's really funny, because I can say the same thing about reading this fic.

Disclaimer: I do not own Twlight or any of its characters yet I came up with almost everything in here on halflings so NO STEALING unless you ask and I say you may use them. Mira is also completely a Mary Sue MY CHARACTER and I will be utterly and forever angered if you steal her so honestly just leave her alone. Never! She's like a giant target for sporks. Also I do not own Shay she is based off my friend Darkling and I have been given permission to use her character in this fanfiction.

Summary: The Cullens are surprised when the new girl at school appears to have some special abilities. Some resemble those of the vampires themselves, but this girl is definately human. What in the world could be going on? Even stranger still, the girl seems to think vampires are something of myth and super human strength is impossible, yet her best friend is a vampire! ZOMG LYKE, NO WAI! And a new vampire at that! How have all these secrets been kept for so long? The truth shocks everyone, especially the young woman herself. Yet the truth is not as shocking for her best friend, neither is it for a certain Cullen. Then it didn't shock everyone now did it? Now that the truth is out in the open, what else could happen? Apparently...anything that CAN go wrong, will...perhaps there is more to this than anyone thought... Sadly, there is nothing more to your brain.

WARNING: Some spoilers if you have not read the book. Bella has gone back to Pheonix you don't like don't complain to me and just go read another fanfiction. EdwardxOc pairings and POSSIBLE JasperxOc pairings, again don't like don't read.Rated M for language, and possibly some lemon later on. Oh dear God please no! Wasn't quite sure what to rate it. I'd rate it at about a negative forty billion. Also MAJOR WARNING HERE this is my first fanfiction please, please, PLEASE be nice to it. Unless it really sucks...if it sucks plz lemme know what I can do to make it better XD Oh I'll let you know. Mwahahaha....

Detications: Dedications. WITH A FUCKING D. This fanfiction is deticated to a few friends and I hope they read this if not oh well I still deticate this fanfiction to you. The first detication award goes to Darkling for getting me started into the Twilight series and absolutely obsessed with it. Also for the inspiration to write this fic along with letting me use your computer for the first chapter or more of this fanfiction. Along with the challenge to see how much I could write before you woke up again lol. The next detication is to Jess, thanks so much for doing those Twilight role plays with me even though they were quite crack role plays lol. They were tons of fun and gave me a few ideas for Mira so thank you so much. The third detication award goes to...FISH! Lol thank you so much for the idea of a Twilight crossover it made me think a lot about how to describe halflings and what they're like and why certain things do what and how. You get the idea, also thanks for talking to me with your views on the book entirely I absolutely love talking to you. The fourth and final detication award goes to Alex!Thanks so much for all those wonderfull offers dealing with Stephenie Meyer and the ATTEMPTED role play. I also have to thank you for relating me back to Alice. I found that quite flattering, I must admit it was quite funny to hear you say [Quote No cheating! You reading my mind and 'guessing' about a surprise is like me betting against Alice, totally UNFAIR. [Unquote not exactly those words but something along those lines lol. Really I notice I'm taking up a lot of space here but I just HAD to do detications because I am going to spam this fanfiction to my friends and you four BETTER read this lol. Of course though I have to give the most props to my best friend Darkling for introducing me to Twilight again, I am forever greatful and am in your debt, even if you do think perhaps I am part vampire. Who knows it might be possible right? Lol alright, ON TO THE FANFICTION! I really want you to know that I only posted that to prove that this is one of the worst Sue-thors ever.

And moving on to the 9th chapter (which was underlined by the way)....

Edward blinked. “What do you mean?”

Carlisle sighed and sat down rubbing his face. “Edward…Mira is a Halfling.”

He just continued to blink, not sure what so say. He sat down as well. “I’m listening.” Oh Edward, have you forgotten that you can read minds?

“You never know what abilities Halflings have because each one is different. But for the majority of them, one of those abilities is immunization to vampire poison. That is mother fucking hilarious. ” Carlisle seemed slightly distracted.

“But…how do you know she’s a Hobbit Halfling? Is it something in her blood?”

“Halflings Hobbits carry a few specific genes that can be identified yes. But that’s not why how I know that she’s a Halfling Hobbit. I didn’t have to test her blood…” Edward waited, not wanting to interrupt. “Mira’s mother…was a very persistent scientist. Unfortunately, she fell in love with me. She was a brilliant woman, very calculating.” He sighed. “When I continued to reject her love she decided that if she couldn’t have my heart, she would still have my child. I was foolish enough to continue to see her. I thought it would be suspicious to just break off contact all together.” He rubbed his neck. “Apparently, there is a drug that vampires are susceptible to. I don’t know what it is or how her mother knew it would work. I just know it does. One day I was having coffee with her somewhere and the next thing I remember I’m in my office with a clipboard on my lap and a note.” He shook his head. “I guess she somehow extracted some of my sperm and had a doctor impregnate her.” Dude, that's fucking creepy.

Edward blinked once more. “But how is that possible? Sperm can only survive at a certain temperature…”

“That is true, but remember that our bodies have grown cold. I didn’t think we were cold enough to preserve anything but I suppose I was wrong.”

“So…what happened? I mean to Mira’s mother…”

“Well, in every case where a Halfling Hobbit has been born, the mother has died. Halflings are more common right after a vampire has been created which as you already know would be rare.”

Edward nodded. “So…does she know?”

Carlisle shook his head. “I don’t plan on telling her. I want Mira to have a normal life, at least as normal as can be expected.”

“But…don’t you think she’ll want to know who her father is? Don’t you think she wants to meet you?”

Carlisle rubbed his head. “I know she does. But the most I can do is provide her with what she needs. Although I do regret getting her that blasted motorcycle. “ I thought that Mira bought that herself...

“She almost ran me over with that thing…”

Carlisle blinked and looked at Edward. “Excuse me?”

Edward coughed slightly and looked at his hands. “Oh…um nothing.”

Carlisle looked in at Mira who was looking back at him. He sighed. “Don’t get me wrong, I may not know her, but I love her. She is still my child.”

Edward started remembering the day. “No one deserves to be alone…” he said softly hanging his head and looking at his hands. “I suppose it is none of my business. But I think you should tell her that you are her father at least. How can she have a normal life when she has no parents, I’m guessing lives alone when you’re part vampire and already showing some of those traits and know your father is around but does not ever show himself to you? In my opinion that is not normal at all. I just thought I would mention it…” Edward walked back into Mira’s room and sat down beside her. “Earlier…when you said it feels like fire. What did you mean?”

Mira’s eyes widened and she blushed slightly, immediately trying to regain composure. “I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

He smiled softly. “Alright then.” Carlisle came into the room and gave Edward a look before smiling at Mira. Edward sighed. “I have to go…but I’ll come and see you soon.” He stood up and paused a moment upon hearing one of Carlisle’s thoughts. I mean it Edward, I want Mira to have a normal life. Do NOT talk to her. Edward sighed and walked out of the room. Hey! Edward can read minds again!

Mira looked at Carlisle after Edward left. “I heard some of what you guys were saying…”

He blinked and looked at her. “Oh?” he sat down at the foot of her bed.

She nodded. “I have sensitive ears.”

He sighed. “Exactly what did you hear?”

“Only a little…a sentence or two…my head is still swimming from earlier…”

“Well get some rest then.” He smiled.

She nodded. “Are…are you really my father? Are you the Carlisle who keeps leaving me those notes?”

He sighed and rubbed his head. “I’m sorry…but I think you must have been hearing things…”


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Mar. 29th, 2008 12:14 am (UTC)
Holy OUCH.
Ohs to the NYOS, that gave me a headache. I mean, JASPERxOC?!?!? What the flying ninja cows?! I mean HALFLING? Is there anything less imaginatice to call this-this THING? It does not even deserve to have a title other than thing.
On the other hand...I wrote a Mary-Sue once...Right after I read Twilight and I was really stupid. Man, I still get twichy when I think of it...THE HORROR!
Aug. 19th, 2008 12:07 am (UTC)
Dear goodness...
You know what the REALLY fucking devastating thing is? This is actually all possible now...Dx
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