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The second sue!

Title: Meeting Ali. How uber fucking original.
Author: Kigrl18 I have no words.
Summary:Allison Ann Desko moved from Puerto Rico to Forks Washington to live with the parents she never knew! She expected a new life a time to start over,but thats not whats going to happen...Thats not even close! –twitch- again, no wrds.
Sue’s Name: Allison. ORIGINALNESS!
Race: Who knows yet?
Apperance: None given.
Possesions: None given. Again.
Past: Just read it. It’s not that hard.
Powerz: None…so far.
Connections to cannon: Parents live in Tacoma. That is all.
Personal notes: Points for originality in making Sue multi-cultural, points OFF for everything else. Total points: o

(This Fanfiction is brought to you by the Pit 'O Voles formerly known as FanFiction.net)

Meeting Ali!
Chapter 1!! Who I am!!
A.N Heyyyy Every1 well this is my first fanfic!! YAY!! (No, not yay. Anything BUT yay.)It is not the best but its my first idea there is some Spanish in it so if u have any questions on what the words mean then send me a message!! thanks!! XD!! CHATSPEAK!!! SHE MUST DIE!
I’ve been living in Morovis Puerto Rico with my Grandma and Grandpa ( Abuela y Abuelo.) Yes, I know that. I’m sure that anyone with enough education to read Twilight knows that too. My parents were young when they had me. My mother was 17 my father 18. They didn’t believe that they could take care of me so they dropped me off at my grandparents POSSESIVE! WHERE ARE YOU??? house and I’ve lived there ever since. There are no pictures of my parents, I have never seen them I didn’t know who they were, where they lived and even if they were together, until two days ago, March 26; my Birthday . Sue attempts suspence! It is not effective at all! Sue continues horrible story anyway! I was turning 16 that day. I had wanted a car but my grandparents didn’t have a lot of money so I didn’t ask for one. Actually all that I did ask for was a small quiet birthday with my grandparents, but no; my grandparents surprised me with telling me that I was going to move in with my parents! As soon as they said that I yelled “NO!” Angst. I can feel it in me bones ‘mum! She will bond with Edward over their shred angst!
Mi Vida! Porque ? Why not?” My grandma asked What ever happened to punctuation?
“ Cause Abuela, my parents left me for sixteen years. Now all of a sudden they want me back! Well what made them change there mind? Did they wake up one morning and say, ‘ Oh I think we should love our daughter Allison today?!” Angst.
My Grandma was silent and so was I. We stared at each other for what seemed like ten min (Minutes.) then she broke the gaze and looked down at the floor.
“Ali your parents have loved you all your life. They just never had the money and time to take care of you. Now that they have the chance to know you and bring you back into there life you just want to turn them down. Well Ali your going; I have already bought your ticket and passport your plane ride leaves at four thirty tomorrow afternoon, so I need you to get all of your stuff ready!” Yeah, totally. Because an elderly Hispanic lady has THAT MUCH mastery of the English language. My MOM doesn’t speak that well.
I started to walk out of our living room and to My bedroom but then I stopped. Still looking at the door I asked “ Abuela Where do my parents live”
“ They Live in Tacoma Washington” and with that I walked out of the room not once looking back! OMG LIKE NO WAI!!!
A.N Well there you have it chapter 1!! See it was not the best but it will get better!! So for the spanish here is some clarification Abuela Grandma AbueloGrandpa Mi VidaMy Life PorqueWhy Well there you have it!!
No, I do not have it. I want you to die! DIE I SAY!!!


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Mar. 30th, 2008 03:14 am (UTC)
That's squicky. Did she just find all those words/'translations' on Babelfish or something?
If she's Hispanic, why is her name Allison? Why not something like Maria or an actual Spanish name?
Mar. 30th, 2008 05:06 am (UTC)
Well not EVERYONE'S names are Hispanic. Giving your kid a Western name is actualy quite common, stemming from the fact parents who do so want to be Americans.
My name isen't Hispanic...then again my dad's american so...yeah.
And she probably DID find those on Babelfish. I mean, yeah, 'My vida' does LITERALY mean 'My life' but the way she's using it it is a term of endearment like "Honey" or "sweetheart" therefore it should not have the literal translation.
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